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December 2015

We are 40% occupied within the building, a total of 41 apartments, which will be continued on all other floors. Some of the retail units are being fitted out by the new occupants and due for opening within the next few weeks. The building is now under the control of our Residential Management Company Rendall and Rittner, with a 24/365 concierge in place. Landscaping to the main entrance is complete and 50% of the internal courtyard is also complete. We will be installing a secondary double gate at the front of the development to assist with deliveries. The building RC frame is up to Level 2 with Level 3 floor slab due to be poured 4th December, we will be commencing scaffold construction within the next couple of weeks along with an external twin hoist being installed at the rear of the building. In the new year we will be starting the EOS external walls which will be followed by the brickwork, this starts at Level 2. The building will continue to be serviced by our tower crane. Our existing delivery gantry is due to be removed on the weekend of 9th & 10th January 2016.      



September 2015

113 Upper Richmond Road

We have now our 1st occupants within the building and will soon be followed by various others from the 2nd floor up to the 7th floor. Some of the retail units are being fitted out by the new occupants. The brickwork has now been completed on the main part of the building with only a dozen brick soffits to be completed which will be happening over the next month. The scaffold has now almost been removed from all of the building and will continue to be removed from the building over the following weeks. Within the building we have now completed 95% of the 2nd fixing elements which are hanging doors, skirtings, electrical and plumbing items. Also most of the apartments have had the flooring laid and the communal carpet has also been installed. Externally we have the basement car park up and running with the main entrance block paved and resident now parking withing the basement. 

111 Upper Richmond Road

We now have the drainage completed and the basement slab complete along with half of the ground floor slab has been cast. This frame will start to grow over the coming months.

                                                   View of 113 Upper Richmond Road                                                                                                       View of 113 Upper Richmond Road


                                                   View of 111 Upper Richmond Road                                                                                                       View of 111 Upper Richmond Road


April 2015

113 Upper Richmond Road

We have now completed the brickwork up to the 8th floor and have waterproofed the entire building with the exception of the ground floor slab. We have now installed the windows to the west elevation as these were left out for access reasons from the hoist which is now no longer needed. The main roof is currently being completed with the roof top plant equipment to be installed.

Internally, we are working on the new show apartment which will be located on the top floor, this is progressing extremely well and we are close to having this apartment painted. Both lifts are now in operation which means we can start removing the hoist from the external facade. Also internally we have installed most of the flooring/ wardrobes and sanitary ware up to the 6th Floor.

View of 113 from Upper Richmond Road
View of 113 from Upper Richmond Road

111 Upper Richmond road

At present we have completed the sheet piles around the opening to the car stackers which are located within the basement. We are still in the process of reducing the ground down to basement level ready for the car park slab to be installed and the below ground drainage, part of this slab will be complete mid May.

View of 111 Upper Richmond Road


March 2015

113 Upper Richmond Road

Works on 113 Upper Richmond Road are progressing extremely well. The main concrete frame is now complete and nearly all windows have been installed. The brickwork cladding is now up to the 7th floor and internally, we have all the apartments plastered with the exception of 7 out of the 76 properties. For most of these properties we are well underway with the internal fit out.  Within the basement, the boiler room and tank rooms are nearing completion and the lift installation is also nearly complete.

111 Upper Richmond Road

At 111 Upper Richmond Road, we have now fully demolished the old existing building. We have completed the piling works and now working on the reduce dig which is required for the basement and below ground/basement drainage to commence.

If you live locally and would like further information on how to join our construction liaison group please get in touch by emailing or call us on 0207 871 3565.

Construction at London Square Putney
Construction at London Square Putney